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terça-feira, 9 de março de 2010

Meditation with Jimena

Video transcripts – Sacred Space and the Equinox

Today we are here in Safety Harbor (US) with my soul sister Paula Jones. We are going to be talking about how to create sacred space especially for this Equinox that is to come.

Paula, good morning!

Good morning, how are you?

I like to honor everyone who is with me at this for the first time. I always like to begin with prayer for our sacred space.

Parent, Creator, Great Spirit, through the Trinitized Trinities of light we come to you this day with an open heart in a humble manner to create sacred space and to share with all our relations at this time and space.

For us is taking time to create a space to connect with our source. When I say source, Creator, God aligning with those energies or feelings and knowings. To know that you are part of the whole creation. And as your awareness and as you begin to connect with that, you begin to understand that everything we do is sacred, every moment, a simple breath is sacred. And as we, especially in this space that is so beautiful, I know right now in this time and space, I am Holly! I am Sacred!

Bringing the Divine aspect to life, for every day life. We are going to see a few of the elements that you have in a Sacred Space or in any ceremony when you are willing to connect to your Divine aspect, understanding that you are ‘One with all that is, you are One with the Universe’.
We never have to force ourselves to go into sacred space, we just....breathe in...

We are going to see today how to create an altar. Altar is the expression of the things that you want to offer. It is good to have that balance. That relationship balanced of giving and receiving. We are all the time we are asking for. We can give back also. Could be just from our intention, could be just our best feeling, could be something that we enjoy, we can share that with the Universe and everything else.

I offer to nature, could be seeds, beans, anything that represents abundance for everyone, corn, plants. We have sage is one the plants for the equinox, wisdom. It brings us wisdom; bring us down to what is true.

Offer something that has a meaning to you for example, I like my kachina doll she is called Walking tall. She smokes a cigar. It is no really me, but it is what I would like to be so I am using it as an archetype to connect to this energy, is also our intention.

We bring in the sound, drum is for the heart bit… mother Earth, and all heart bits.
Singing, chanting, all these things, praying, you have to express, express…

You can do this at the park, you can do this anywhere and anytime, just be there very grateful with a loving heart. You can offer something that is not physical you can offer your love, you can offer your memories, always with love, with harmony.

We bring in the light and the love because all we need is love, and those who have decided to walk this path are bringing these energies on the Spring Equinox.
Right now I ask Spirit to help me to connect within myself to a loving presence within my heart.

Now that you know how to create sacred space anytime any moment meaning that you can connect with your Divine aspect, with God, with the Universe, with Father-Mother Creator, any name that you want to call it… Infinite Being, it is ok too. You can do this in your office, in the bus or maybe in a situation where you have conflict.

Why is it so important to create sacred space specially right now, we are coming to the Equinox. On March 20th we celebrate the Equinox, we open the door for the equinox and all the lessons. One of the lessons that the equinox coming thru the east is going to give us are illumination, clarity, wisdom.

What that means in our life, that means that we can have a better mind a more clear mind, a more clear day to day, for everything that we have to do, everything we are supposed to do. Honoring what we are, honoring what we represent.

The east thru the Equinox bring us healing to the mental aspect with the air as the element. We can clear, clear and clear our mind we have too much information, we have too much information that sometimes can mislead us.

We always close down … thanks to all of our relations, the trees, the animals, the air, the Father-the Mother, the Earth, the stars, the thunder beings. We thank you for sharing this moment of sacred space, thank you from our hearts and now we heal and seal in all the planes and all the times.

Thank you for today thank you for supporting this special moment and honoring yourself, honoring God, the Universe, honoring everything.

We ask you to support every group every action that is going to be around the Equinox, around the world. Will be People at the park, meditations thru internet, thru different groups.

Please support the Light, we are Light workers, we are Healers, we are helping each other to grow, to grow in the Light and make Earth a paradise again this is the Garden of Eden, it is not just one spot, is the whole planet, the whole community. Thank you for coming.
Remember equinox brings clarity, wisdom, illumination, to all the aspects of yourself body, mind, spirit and emotions.

Jimena Yantorno March 05, 2010

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